forwarded by Jesse Ruiz Moreno

First row: Prussian Iron Cross first class (Germany), Order of the Bust of Bolivar (Venezuela), Military Merit Cross War Decoration (Austro-Hungarian Empire), Balkan Mobilization Cross 1912-1913 (Austria), ???, Livesaving Medal
Second row: Nishani Iftihar (Order of Glory with sabers, Turkey), Shefkat Nishani (Order of the Charity with sabers, Turkey), Mecidi Nishani (Order of the Medjidie, Turkey), Nishani Imtiyaz (Order of Honor with sabers, Turkey), Crimea War Medal, Harp Madalyasi (1915 War Medal, Turkey)

These ribbons bars belonged to the late Gral Rafael de Nogales Méndez, a venezuelan's born officer who was an acting general with Ottoman Army and Imperial German Military Advisers during the Balkan Wars

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